The Dream of an Independent Upload Center

Welcome to online services of Upera.
Our services are presented to you by the website, its subdomains, and every other website constructed by our system. Upload, management, storage, download, various file processes, and access permission to users’ files based on defined access level are of our most important services. At Upera, uploading space, download plans, files and folders for users are available to purchase.
Obscene files, whether decided by Upera, the country we’re in, or our partners abroad which provide us with a gateway, should not be uploaded. Therefore, if seen, any such files will be permanently deleted and your accounts will be suspended.

You are not allowed to upload files which are contrary to the current laws of the country. Any misuse of Upera which is listed in the country’s extensive criminal content tabs will result in the removal of your files.

Anytime, you purchase a plan of our services, a contract will be signed based on these conditions. According to these conditions, we can change the prices on our services any time; however, these do not apply to already purchased services but are effective in the extension of the services.

Should you not extend your service, we are allowed to make your files and information inaccessible.

We will do everything for the preservation and security of your files; however, you should keep a backup of your files because in case of incontrollable events such as fire, lightning, hacking operations, hardware malfunctions, etc. Upera is not responsible.

Upera reserves the right to make changes to Terms of Service without previous notification; therefore, knowing the rules is the responsibility of the user.
Things you cannot do
Using a shared account with others

Creating multiple accounts and upload-centers

Any act which leads to the failure or overload on our site or its services is prohibited

Uploading a file which would be a violation of the right of any natural or legal person
Infringement of copyright warnings
If we receive a warning from the companies or intermediates of copyright content for a file, the file will only be accessible by you and you will be notified.
Notices of disclaimer
We do not warrant or guarantee that our services will continue to work.

We will try to make access to our website be possible at all times, but we cannot guarantee this without any bug. We want to make Upera available 24/7; however, due to maintenance or activities to improve, disruptions may sometimes be experienced.

You are responsible for your purchase and should make sure that our services will meet your requirements or. We will also update our information and answer your questions.
As long as you follow the rules, your information will not be available to any natural or legal person.